Our Team

Poppy Mussallem
Founding principal Poppy Mussallem has over 15 years of working with glass art and metal fabrication. In 2004, she released patented hardware to glass artists and formed a company called Hang Your Glass Inc. She is extremely knowledgeable about the different mediums of glass art and the processes of each as well as integrating the metal into the display of the glass. She has a Business Administration degree from Menlo College and majored in Art while attending San Diego State University.
Rob Williams
Rob Williams is the co-inventor of Hang Your Glass Inc. He still is active in the company as a consultant and prototype engineer. He has been working as a top level machinist in Silicon Valley for over 40 years. His main focus is projects involving large lighting manufacturing for hospitality and other public spaces and technology.
Toni Williams
Toni Williams has been the Financial Manager since 2008 for Hang Your Glass Inc. She concentrates on budgeting, cost-accounting and the finances for all the businesses. She has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Clemson and a Masters of Art in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix. Financial experience stems from years in the Securities Industries as a licensed broker and Operations Manager for RBC Dain Rauscher.
Lydia Young
Lydia Young is the office manager for Hang Your Glass Inc and all of its entities. She receives and processes orders for Hang Your Glass, as well as, completing all administrative duties for the office. Lydia has a degree in Horticulture – Landscape design and contracting from Colorado State University.

Artist Partners

Glass Art Integrations has partnered with a variety of glass artists whom we have built relationships with thru our sister company Hang Your Glass Inc. and from being involved in the glass community since the 1990's. The professionals that we work with have a proven track record to design and produce glass art for large installations. Each has their own unique style and specializes in certain applications. By merging our hardware and their glass we have the best presentation of the glass and provide the customer with different options and styles to choose from.